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Exam timetable - Y1 S2 - Usool-ud-Deen course

Exam timetable - Y1 S2 - Usool-ud-Deen course

by QA Admin -
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Assalaamualaikum all students of the Usool-ud-Deen course,

We pray you are in the best state of Imaan and health and you are maximising your time during this blessed month of Ramadaan.

Find attached your Exam timetable for this semester's exam in July (year 1 - semester 2).

Please read the instructions carefully and abide by all the requirements.

The exam timetable is also available on the QA website at:

Feel free to address any questions you may have to our admin staff by emailing on or calling on 5444 5786.

BaarakAllahu feek

Qadri Academy